Greetings travelers! I am the one the internet calls Duskbringer!

From now on I shall be updating this page with my adventures for the lolz

Feel free to comment on anything at all be it my editing, my poor choice of items, or the fact that I have no life :P

I'll be here pretty often and I'm always in the mood for discussion!

Day 3

Painful grinding for the Rare Armor which pays off at the end.


Day 6

I've really been playing more than I should. Thanks to the wiki I came to know about the pillars, and tho it was my first time in the grid I managed to get to them. After farming in their area until i had 4 BPs left and gotten a bonus for crits I started to take them on. I decided to stat with the red one first not knowing it was the strongest of the normal ones and got shrekt. after that I checked the wiki and went for the blue one which dropped an HP+5 gem! (after that i killed the defense and luck pillars but got shrekt by the Agi pillar twice as I had no bonus :/ )


Day 7

The HP gem is really speeding up my progress! I can now afford to put points in luck and still reach the grid!

I farm for and get the Estoc. I kill the god in the grid and find out he ups my player level :D

I decide to grind for the estoc +1 and the crystal armor.


Day 8

Estoc +1 drops fast.

The crystal Armor takes all day -_-


Day 11

Hard mode unlocked. The dragon rider is a pain in the ass and I have to go level in the graveyard zone and come back to have a chance at killing him since he is much stronger that the mobs around him.

I decide that getting the samurai sword +1 will make my life easier so I start to farm for it.


Day 13

The samurai sword +1 drops!


Day 14

I barely manage to kill the eye boss. I'm really confused. I try to farm the magic armor +1 but give up after 3-4 hours.


Day 15

I go back to normal mode to farm for missing weapons. since most of them were early ones they dropped surprisingly easily. Now I have access to the white bonus area :D


Day 16

After some unsuccessful farming for the four gods yellow armor I get into a white bonus area and a Stat Point Crystal drops :D


Day 17

I decided to mass farm hero gems. The first one dropped after about 30 runs but after that I gave up and tried to advance further. I managed to reach the 10.000 area and was lucky to get the armor to drop


Day 19

I keep on farming the hero gems. It takes about 40 runs for the second one to drop and 7-8 more after that for the third one. After the third one drops I use it to farm the 10k area and get the knight rapier +1.


Day 22.

After noticing I could barely reach the maze to farm the half plate armor+1 with about 7-8 BP each time I decided to simply spam normal runs and hope for luck and exp gems.

WIth the hero gems I kill tenryu and run up the stairs to get pictures of the stuff from the new patch for the wiki.


Day 23

The first noteworthy drops happened which were a BP ring+2 and an Exp Gem +4.


Day 24

Using the hero gems and the exp+4 gem I decide to see how far in I can get into normal mode. I end up barely surviving the 160k area with some extremely lucky crits and combos and getting my best in game level so far at 177k. The jump in difficulty from the 158k one to the 160k one is huge for some reason.


Day 26

The normal farm runs continue but with 0 drops except some +4 gems which I do not need. I have been trying to pick up things i'm missing along the way like the Light armor but no luck there either even tho i have about 300k luck when i reach the green - red eyed dragons.


Day 27

Today was amazing. I managed to reach the maze and farm the armor with 20BP but no luck these so i decided to keep farming for the luck + 5 gem. Within the first 5 runs i got one exp+3 and one exp+4 gem! After that I got the Light armor which means I can now farm normal faster as i do not need to bother with the drakes. I managed to go to the white bonus area after that and get excalibur. From the pillars I got 2 atk+5 gems and one hp+4. I didnt really need them but they are nice to have as i plan on trying the 0 defence full agi-attack build once i get recovery neck+1. Later the phoenix boss dropped the four gods/red lance and on my final run for the dat the tiger boss (which is where I end my normal farm runs as i cant reach higher with full luck) dropped the four gods/green armor!


Day 28

Half Plate finally dropped after about 5 more runs! I decided to take it and farm normal for the last exp gem + 4 and a luck gem +5. After about 20 runs all i got was an exp gem +3.


Day 29

ALOT of normal grinding and 0 drops except some +5 gems which i did not rly need but they are nice to have, and a BP ring +2.


Day 30

After alot of grinding I get a BP ring + 3 , a luck gem +5 and and an excalibur/holy sword.


Day 31

today was THE SHIT. I got into the Black bonus area and got the last weapon i needed from there. After that I got into the White bonus area and got both the holy lance and the holy axe aswell as 2 extra stat point crystals which i did not need but was going to get so I have 3 sometime anyway (so I never again have to go into normal black/white areas :D). After that 2 BP+3 rings and a play gem +2 dropped. From there I decided to get the hardmode early stuff I missed. I got the Dark Axe +1 and the Magic Armor +1 easily but after all this time still no samurai armor -_-.....


Day 33

After a lot of dragon farming...

I dropped the Light armor+1!


Day 35

Still farming. Managed to abuse bonuses and kill the God grid boss with a lot of luck! +1 lvl :D


Day 37

I realised I have chosen the wrong luk character. I should have leveled up the 2atk 2 luk instead of 1atk1hp2luk.

Today I also managed to drop the green light +1 sword :D

I'll probably still farm for the red one before moving further tho.

Before going to sleep i decided to try and see how far I could get. I died once by mistake really early on and got into 2 battles i do not usually fight but managed to properly pass the maze. After that I was lucky and my daily bonus rolled on a four 2x exp on the first dragon area which helped. I moved upnd killed the black mother easily. By this time I only had one exp gem and the SPC in my acc.s so I could fight the grid boyz I found the tower and managed to kill him without much trouble so I didnt bother looking at my stats at that moment. I would have had had 11BPs left after him if I had started well. But I had only 5 and got scared if the crystals so i farmed 4 battles and then started going for the crystals while always searching for a 0.5 atk or a crit bonus to take on the pillar. After every other crystal died, and I only had 1 bp left there was still no good bonus so I just yoloed it and manged to kill the rainbow crystal while being lvl 150k myself without even needing to heal thanks to making a second hit twice and critting once. No gem or anything but that plvl +1 is sweet.

I went into my luk+2 char lvl6 player to check some values and found out that his luk scaled 100% with my points with plvl16+charlvl6 which means that for every 1000 points i gave to luk he got 1000 more.

After that I went to the other 0charlvl +2luk char (which I need to level) and noticed that for 1000 luk points the bonus is 760 more. I need to find out how this system works.





Day 86

I have been busy with exams so literally 0 time to write stuff here. on the + side i have been playing on my spare time

and I now have 3 hero gems +2, 2 hero gems +1, and all the four gods items except the last armor.

I was really lucky and managed to get the Blue Sword +1 on my 3rd kill!

But the turtle/snake god still shreks me so I'm just trying to farm the earlier weapons I've missed so I can get into the white bonus area and hopefully get a couple of useful drops to advance to tenryu.


Day 87

Farmed the wind and thunder +2 swords. i now have 66 weapons and will try to enter the white bonus area. not sure how powerful i should be. I'll try to reach at least 250k before I try. I also discovered that I still barely manage to beat the mobs in the 250k area in normal mode with my full kill set on. So no angel kills for me yet.

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