Game Mechanics

In Inflation, when you level up, you will get a lot of Experience per kill. So much, that, most of the time, you will gain more than one level per kill. The name of the game isn't to get to a certain level, but more to get to the highest level you can before you run out of resources.

Battle Points (BP)Edit

  • When you begin the game, you will have 30 Battle Points (BP).
  • Every time you get into a battle, you will consume one Battle Point (-1BP).
  • Killing Bosses will grant some BP (+xBP).
  • Every time you lose a fight, you will lose two additional BP and one BP for the battle itself for a total of three BP reduction (-3BP).
  • Some items will grant you temporary BP (+xBP), but they will disappear if you unequip the granted item.
  • The game ends whenever you have 0 or less BP after you exit the menu, or finish a fight, regardless of if you can equip something to grant you BP or not.


For each level, you are granted a certain number of Attribute Points (AP). These can be applied to the following categories:

  • HP: (Starting Value: 100, +5 per Stat Point) Hit Points.
  • ATK: (Starting Value: 10, +3 per Stat Point) Attack Power is the primary damage attribute.
  • DEF: (Starting Value: 10, +3 per Stat Point) Defense is a percentage modifier on enemy's damage. It is impossible to attain 100% Defense, regardless of how high your defense is.
  • AGI: (Starting Value: 5, +2 per Stat Point) Agility increases your chance to generate a combo, and to a lesser extent the ability to generate Criticals and increase the damage when you crit.
  • LUC: (Starting Value: 1, +1 per Stat Point) Luck is the base value to generate loot. At higher values, you generate more gold per kill, and have a higher chance to drop loot. This is modified by the level of the area, thus, a higher level area requires a higher level LUC to drop loot. LUC also increases your chance to crit. LUC also increases Crit Damage.

For all modifiers (except HP), they are modified by an enemy's Point Value, which means you need more Attribute Points to keep up with how high enemies will get.

Critical CalculationEdit

Critical hit chance and damage calculations can be found at the Critical Hits page.

Character SelectionEdit

Character Selection is arranged in a 4x4 grid, with 16 characters to choose 

Screenshot 2014-05-04-11-41-57-1
  • Character's towards the North (Up) will have an easier time acquiring ATK (Attack Power).
  • Characters towards the East (Right) will have an easier time acquiring LUC (Luck).
  • Characters towards the South (Down) will have an easier time acquiring DEF (Defense).
  • Characters towards the West (Left) will have an easier time acquiring AGI (Agility).
  • Characters closer to the center will have an easier time acquiring HP (Hit Points).

Abilities Edit

Player Level: Player Level is attained by killing bosses. The first time you kill a boss from this list, you are given one Player Level (Called "Base Abilities" in the Character Select Screen). These are the only bosses that killing them will grant you a Player Level. Other bosses will not give you Player Levels, and killing these bosses will only net one level the first time you kill them; subsequent kills will not grant extra levels. When calculating bonuses, Player Level is combined with Character Level for a total bonus. For more information on Player Level and stats, check out Player Values.

  • Fox Boss (Lv710) just North of the Initial Spawn.
Ene1 ba Jousting Fox (ene1_ba) -BOSS- (+3 BP)
Point Value: 1216.7438596491 (HM: 12952.18245614)
HP: 32000 (HM: 352000) ATK: 1440 (HM: 15840)
XP: 250000 (HM: 2500000) Gold: 4000 (HM: 20000)
Stage Value: 72
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item0 2 3: Kuhkuri Knife (50%) (Id: 2)
Item 2:
Normal Mode
Item1 2 3: Bronze Armor (50%) (Id: 2)
Hard Item 1:
Item0 75 Kuhkuri Knife+1 (40%) (Id: 75)
Found in the Level 710 Area.
  • Dragon Rider Boss (Lv2000) in the Area North of the Initial Spawn location.
Ene5 ba White Dragon Knight (ene5_ba) -BOSS- (+3 BP)
HP: 100000 (HM: 1100000) ATK: 7400 (HM: 81400)
XP: 5000000 (HM: 50000000) Gold: 7000 (HM: 35000)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item0 11 12: Battle Axe (9%) (Id: 11)
Item 2:
Normal Mode
Item2 2 HP Gem+2 (8%) (Id: 2)
Stacks HP increases by 5000
Item 3:
Normal Mode
Item2 6 ATK Gem+2 (8%) (Id: 6)
Stacks ATK increases by 3000
Hard Item 1:
Item2 66 God of War Gem (2.2%) (Id: 66)
Stacks ATK, DEF, SPEED increases by 50000
Found in the 2000 area
  • Sphinx Boss (Lv2222) in the Desert Area to the right (east) of the starting location, cross the desert continuing east, through the Lv1222 & Lv1333 areas, and then down (south) between the columns.
Ene3 ba Great Sphinx (ene3_ba) -BOSS- (+7 BP)
Point Value: 8609.2631578947 (HM: 98932.989473684)
HP: 300000 (HM: 3300000) ATK: 2400 (HM: 26400)
XP: 1500000 (HM: 15000000) Gold: 10000 (HM: 50000)
Stage Value: 80
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item2 1 HP Gem+1 (16%) (Id: 1)
Stacks HP increases by 2000
Item 2:
Normal Mode
Item2 5 ATK Gem+1 (16%) (Id: 5)
Stacks ATK increases by 1000
Item 3:
Normal Mode
Item2 9 DEF Gem+1 (16%) (Id: 9)
Stacks DEF increases by 1000
Found in the 2222 area.
  • Eye Boss (Lv 5200) in the Graveyard, north of the Dragon Rider.
Ene6 ba Oculus of Hatred (ene6_ba) -BOSS- (+3 BP)
HP: 700000 (HM: 7700000) ATK: 6800 (HM: 74800)
XP: 25000000 (HM: 250000000) Gold: 1000 (HM: 5000)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item2 21 EXP Gem+1 (30%) (Id: 21)
Stacks EXP obtained increases by 20%
Item 2:
Normal Mode
Item2 22 EXP Gem+2 (18%) (Id: 22)
Stacks EXP obtained increases by 30%
Item 3:
Normal Mode
Item2 23 EXP Gem+3 (6%) (Id: 23)
Stacks EXP obtained increases by 50%
Hard Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item2 64 Hero Gem (2.2%) (Id: 64)
Stacks All stat increases by 30000
Found in the 5200 area. After defeat; transforms the Good Lands into the Bad Lands.
  • Level 5: Boss (Lv25555)
  • Level 6: Boss (Lv36000)
  • Level 7: Boss (Lv37777)
  • Level 8: Boss (Lv41111)

Character Ability: Character Ability Level is an additive amount of bonuses that are appended as bonuses when you spend skill points. For example, if you select a North Edge (Top; ATK) Character, you will gain extra points in ATK. Note that this bonus applies to gems too - an HP+ gem on a HP character grants more points than on a pure ATK/AGI character. You gain Character Ability by finishing the game. When you finish the game, the chosen character gets 1xp per level gained. If your character hits the following thresholds, your character is granted an additional level.

  • Lv1: 10,000
  • Lv2: 100,000
  • Lv3: 700,000
  • Lv4: 1,800,000
  • Lv5: 3,600,000
  • Lv6: 6,000,000
  • Lv7: 10,000,000
  • Lv8: 14,000,000
  • Lv9: 18,000,000
  • Lv10: 22,000,000
  • Lv11: 28,000,000
  • Lv12: 34,000,000
  • Lv13: 40,000,000
  • Lv14: 50,000,000
  • Lv15: 65,000,000
  • Lv16: 80,000,000
  • Lv17: 100,000,000
  • Lv18: 120,000,000
  • Lv19: 140,000,000
  • Lv20: 170,000,000
  • Lv21: 200,000,000
  • Lv22: 250,000,000
  • Lv23: 300,000,000

Maximum Player Level is actually 16, achievable after killing all the bosses in both normal and hard mode ( excpet 93333 Boss, Tenryu).

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