About this guide : Edit

This guide is about how to go as fast as possible to HardMode by reaching level 100k as fast as possible.

Then follow my other guide : hard mode guide

for the little story : i was updating hard mode guide and my cellphone died with my data. So i had to restart the game, after a few month of holydays, i am back to basics.

I will update it while i progress further in the game.

I will go back to hard guide as soon as this one is over.

Start the game Edit

General tips Edit

before you start a game, try to aim for a goal.

three main goals are possible :

  • item drop (for stronger character)
  • money farming (in order to buy stuff)
  • boss kill (in order to get Base Abilities (BaseLv))

Usually you will not be able to aim for several goals at the same time, because each of them involves a specific strategy.

Character choice Edit

Your character should be the same for Normal and HardMode, because the more you play, the more you gain character experience, which make stats more efficient.

Best efficiency is reached by using recovery Necklace, an item that we will drop later.

Choose the best character, the Gray-haired hero (1HP 2ATK 1AGI, he's the 2nd char on top).

Stats distribution (ALWAYS 50% atk, 25% hp, 25% def) Edit

For this guide, even without the recovery necklace, i use the brainless stat distribution :

click on "half" atk, then "half" def, then "all" HP

If you reach and survive in the targetted area (items or money) put "all" in luck

it may not be the best repartition before you get recovery necklace, but the guide works well like this.

Minimal stuff required in order to get to level 100k+ Edit

  • Weapon : estoc +1 (+375%atk)
  • Armor : rare armor (+320%def)

Accessories :

  • Exp gem +2 (x3)
  • Exp gem +1 (x2)
  • Recover Necklace (x1)

The beginning Edit

First run : Edit

You are level 0 with 0APs and 0 items.

The main objective here is to get a decent weapon by reaching level 1333 area and drop the battle axe.

In order to proceed forward fast, you need to be able to skip as many zones as possible, fot this you have to equip a tanky gem, so we will aim for lots of gold in order to buy HP gem+1 (+2000 health)

get a boost in health (HP) money farming in order to buy HP gem and if you can, a stronger weapon and armor so proceed as the following : (thanks to ancientcampus and his guide : low level guide)

1 battle in level 1

1 battle in level 25

1 battle in level 72

(go down)

1 battle in lvl 90

1 battle in lvl 132

1 battle in lvl 176 (on right side of the map)

1 battle in lvl 192 (on left side of the map)

2 battle in lvl 244

2 battle in level 315

then go back to center then west area (2-3 useless fights on the path)

1 battle in level 300

1 battle in 470

2 battle in 630

2 battle in 810

1 battle VS Jousting Red Panda

then go top right, and stay at 777 area and put everything in luck.

You should get +/- 100k gold this way.

with this, unlock accessory slot 2, and buy HP gem +1, with the remaining gold, try to purchase a cheap weapon and armor

Second run (IMPORTANT PART) and more... :

Kill Panda, then go to 2222 area, stay here for money, and magic armor + trident. It is the best place to get money, until far, far away (the grid), and you can get interesting items there.

average income there should be 250k gold

repeat runs there until you get the armor, meanwhile, unlock accessory slots 1 to 4, and buy (3x) exp gem+1.

if you want to drop a weapon, stay at 1333 area, there is a high weapon drop rate here (battle axe and scimitar can drop there)

Progressing in normal mode Edit

if you don't have trident (dropped at 2222 area) or battle axe (dropped at 1333 area) buy scimtair (+1100/225%)

Requirements :

Battle set :

  • Trident / battle axe / scimitar
  • magic armor
  • HP gem +2 (x1)
  • Exp gem +1 (x3)

Moving set :

  • +Encounter ring (x3)
  • Movement gem +1 (x3)

Interesting items to buy :

  • Battle point ring +1 (x3)
  • Luck gem +2 (x3)

with this stuff, you should be able to reach and beat maze, and reach some interesting drop areas.

1) The most difficult item to get : Recover necklace Edit

after you beat dragon knight boss, you should be able to beat ??? mobs that may drop the necklace. The necklace can be hard to get, but is really required in order to reach level 100k fast with weak items. So, the main rule at this point, and as long as you are looking for it is to ALWAYS aim for a ??? area when you see one. And try to go there with a few luck.

2) The best drop area : 13 333. Edit

You should be able to reach this spot without too much trouble.

kill all the Goddesses before you stay there. If you are lucky, you should get an element sword. Once it is done, go to the right (east) side at the 13 333 area and stay there until you loot Rare Armor (from Green Eastern Dragon). If you are lucky, you may loot Rare Gladius too (+50/+330%)

If you did not get the weapon, you should try to get knight rapier (+250 +340%) at 10 000 area.

Alternative weapons :

At maze, you should be able to reach 24 900 area and drop estoc. (this area is interesting, because you can drop half plate armor, which is good in early game, but I think that rapier is easier to drop at this step.

3) If you don't have recovery necklace yet : Edit

do money runs, in order to:

  • unlock accessory slots
  • buy Exp gems +2 (x3)
  • buy some luck, hp and def gems.

Always go to ??? areas, because they give more Gold and you may get the necklace.

Invest some points in LUC as soon as possible, because LUC's effect on money income is important even for a low amount of LUC. The more LUC you invest, the less the income increases, so it is pointless to put too much, it is better to proceed further and win some BPs. I'd say that you should get between 10k and 30k LUC.

If you want to maximize income, reach the first Heaven map, you can check all 4 areas without moving from LV 43000 at all, and you can farm for Estoc+1 from LV 44444 or 45200 right away.

Average income should be +/- 1M gold

4) Get the final weapon : Edit

With rare armor (or even with magic armor) AND Recovery necklace you should be able to reach heavens.

Here go to 44 444 and 45 200 areas, you should get estoc +1.

About MAZE : Edit

in order to find the center :


1/ when you spawn, always go down one room,

2/ then go right as soon as you can,

3/ then go down, and always follow your path until it ends, without turning unless you have no other option. If you hit a choice pick the clockwise direction. (happens for top right and bottom right)

If you start on the top left corner you will hit a dead end at the beginning of step 3. Go back and follow the path without turning right. If you start on bottom left corner you will hit a dead end just before the center. Go back one room and go right then follow the path.

Purple areas = half plate armor and estoc.

the 100k level run Edit

Minimal stuff required in order to get to level 100k+

  • Weapon : estoc +1 (+380%atk)
  • Armor : rare armor (+320%def)

Accessories :

Fight set :

  • Exp+2 gem (x3)
  • Exp+1 gem (x2)
  • Recover Necklace

Moving set :

  • +Encounter ring (x3)
  • Movement+1 gem (x3)
  • Recover Necklace

The run may work with knight rapier or rare gladius, with some luck... All the other items are required.

Early set :

  • Weapon : samurai sword or dark axe
  • Armor : Half plate or rare armor and equip a Def+3 gem
  • Accessories : HP gem +3 (x1) Exp gem +2 (x3) Recover necklace (x1) and exp+2 or def+3 gem

The path to Heaven : Edit

Kill Panda (equip early set), then run to Sphinx to kill it with Early set, then run to White Dragon Knight (kill with early set), then when you fight switch to fight set.

kill all the bosses (even green and red eyed dragons) without stopping anywhere until you reach the grid, here go to the cristal map, then to Heaven. (cristal map will provide a few BPs and you will have a level high enough to survive in Heaven if you go there)

Heaven :Edit

If you did well, and were lucky on the grid, you should have +/- 45-50BP and lvl around 45k

Don't aim for Suzaku, Byakko or any other boss, simply stay in the middle area and use running set to move between 49000 54000 63000 and 70000 areas when you have exp x2 on the lower levels or Atk 0.5 on the higher areas, go there. Be careful, not to go too fast to the 63000 and 70000 areas, some monsters are stronger than others and may destroy you.

When you can fight without dying at area 70000 (around lvl 85k) go north to 70000-79000. there you should be able to reach lvl 100k.

If you want to kill them, Suzaku is as hard as LV 63k angel monster, Byakko is as hard as LV 70k angel monster and Seiryuu and Genbu are as hard as the LV 86k Crowned Woman. Don't try to kill Kouryuu yet.

you can now proceed to my other guide : hard mode guide