The Dark Sword is a very slightly better version of the Silver Sword, giving 400 more +ATK for slightly lower scaling. It (unlike the Silver Sword) also cannot be found in shops, which coupled with the middling price tag for its direct competitor makes this weapon generally not worth the time to specifically farm for. However, if you're stuck at about level 5800 it might be worth to fight in the zone it drops in for it is not useless.

In-Game Description: 2000/260%

Item Block Edit

Category: 0, Id: 21

Normal Mode
Item0 21 26: Dark Sword (Id: 21)

Cost Edit

Cannot be purchased

Drops From Edit

100px Name me! Name Template (eneInsect Warrior)
HP: Needs HP ATK: Needs ATK
XP: Needs XP Gold: Needs Gold
Drop Stats: Only Item, % Drop Rate