This file relates to the appearance rates of an enemy over another one.

NOTE: This does not relate to the appearance of the Bonus ?!, !, ? and ??? in an area. That is another calculation.

Area Calculations (kakuritsu)Edit

When you have an area, it loads into memory a hard-coded "Enemy Appearance Array." Most trash monsters have equal appearance rates *except* when one has something special, such as an item, or a teleport to a bonus area.

How it works, is each enemy is given an Area Point Value (APV), and that is the rate in which they will appear. The norm is 10, but it will be increased or decreased to make special monsters appear less often. This will be added together, and then the following calculation is made:

TotalPoints * Random + 0.5

After this is calculated, it will return the highest index that matches the number. So, if the random is 0.5, with 5 enemies, all at 10, it will produce 25.5, which will return index 2, and that creature will be selected.