This hard mode item increases all power stats (ATK, DEF, AGI) by 30,000.

In-Game Description: ATK, DEF, AGI increases by 30,000

Item Block Edit

Category: 2, Id: 66

Item2 66 God of War Gem (Id: 66)
Stacks ATK, DEF, SPEED increases by 50000

Cost Edit

Cannot be purchased

Drops From Edit

Ene5 ba Dragon Rider (ene5_ba) -BOSS- (+3 BP)
HP: 100000 (HM: 1100000) ATK: 7400 (HM: 81400)
XP: 5000000 (HM: 50000000) Gold: 7000 (HM: 35000)
Found in the 2000 area
Drop Stats: 1st Item, 2.2% Drop Rate (HARD MODE ONLY)
Ene15 ba Purple Mother (ene15_ba) -BOSS- (+4 BP)
HP: 2800000 (HM: 30800000) ATK: 50000 (HM: 550000)
XP: 350000000 (HM: 3500000000) Gold: 1000 (HM: 5000)
First boss of the 20000 area. Warning! Sneak around this boss and exit the map to the south to reach Hydra boss first if you want to fight it.

Drop Stats: 1st Item, 3% Drop Rate (HARD MODE ONLY)

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