Inflation RPG can be a very daunting game, but we have some guides that can help you figure out how you want to level, and what items you should equip and where you should farm.

General Tips Edit

  • Don't try to grab everything in one go. Just attempt to either farm a single item, or get as high level as you can.
  • Use the +Combo, -HP and -ATK Bonuses to your advantage. Going to a zone which is higher level than you using these bonuses can give you lots of XP.
  • Gauge your capability to take out a boss by killing the enemies in the same zone. If you are having a hard time with the trash, it will be impossible to take out the boss without help.
  • If you decide to use gold for healing, don't wait until you're almost dead to use the healing; healing is activated after the enemy's next attack, which, if you die before it is used, you will have wasted the gold.
  • Opening up as many accessories slots as possible is your best bet, and best investment. Great way of making money if you stack on 1 gem.
  • Change your Stats Screen to show after every battle (check options). It may be annoying, but you'll find that you'll need to access this screen after every battle regardless.
  • At higher levels (8000+), % bonuses may work better than flat + bonuses. For example, an armor with better %, but less + will probably give you more total DEF than something that has the reverse problem.
  • The more Luc you have, regardless of other stats, the more gold will drop after you win a fight.
  • Set Slots are a great investment as they can save you time and let you quickly switch to the right gear you need without changing everything if you need something else.

Guides Edit

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