Inflation RPG can be a very daunting game, but here are some guides to help you figure out how to level up, what items you should equip and where you should farm.

General Tips Edit

  • InflationRPG's Discord server is a more reliable place than the wiki- get instant help and find a whole lot of players to chit-chat with! Join our 450+ members! >
  • Don't try to grab everything in one go. Just attempt to either farm a single item, Gold, or get as high level as you can.
  • At higher levels, Weapons and Armors' %stats will work better than their flat +stats: an armor with better % but less + will give you more total DEF than an armor with the reversed stats.
  • Use the Combo&Crit, HPx0,5 and ATKx0,5 Bonuses to your advantage. Going to a higher level zone using these bonuses can give you lots of EXP.
  • Gauge your capability to take out a boss by killing the enemies in the same zone. If you are having a hard time with the trash, it will be impossible to take out the boss without help.
  • If you have to use Gold for healing, don't wait until you're almost dead to use it; healing is activated after the enemy's next attack, which will make you waste the Gold if you die before that point.
  • Buying Sets 2-5 is a priority investment: they'll save you time and let you quickly switch to the right gear you need without changing everything. When you unlock all 5 Sets, the button Map:Off can be turned to On to activate the Quick Sets on the map, which saves even more time.
  • Buying all the Accessory Slots is a priority investment. Great way of grinding more and more Gold or growing efficient in battle overall.
  • Change your Stats Screen to show after every battle (in Settings). It may be annoying, but you'll find that you'll need to access this screen after every battle regardless.
  • The more LUC you have, regardless of other stats, the more Gold will drop from beaten enemies.
  • Tired of countless tries of farming? Check out the Glitches!
  • PatchNotes can be interesting to read if you want to follow the evolution of the game.

Fandom Tips and Guides Edit