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End Game Farming
Created by: Unknown
Last updated: July 14, 2014
CLv+PLv For: 7-9
GameLv For: 12000-75000

At this point, you should have at least 35 battles remaining (on a perfect run I have 38; usually I get a random unwanted battle or two).  This is where I begin farming mobs [in the 20,000 area] to up my luck.  With those stats you can easily fight here without ever dying.  I dump everything into luck until I have at least 34,000.  I've found that going pure HP/ATK/DEF, ignoring AGI and LUC is only mildly better in the way of max-leveling than getting up to 34,000 LUC and then going pure stats after that (nevertheless, I've included it below).  So, I'd rather have a triple drop rate (per the Japanese wiki 8,000 LUC is double and 34,000 is triple) while I go through the rest of the stages in the hope that something good will drop (as occasionally happens) rather than getting an extra 5,000 levels with almost no chance.  In a pure LUC/Item farming run, I'll usually get my LUC right around 80,000+ before fighting the snake boss (using Gear Set 4 puts me just over 90,000).  I do this in the hopes of getting an EXP+ gem from the snake boss (it has yet to happen).

So, once you have at least 34,000 LUC (at which point I usually still have 28-30 battles left), you're ready to fight the snake boss when a good bonus appears.  This is where Gear Set 4 is first used for me.  DO NOT try to fight him with these stats until a bonus appears.  If you are going for max leveling and not drops, start dumping your points into HP until you're up to 150,000.  If you still don't have a good bonus, go for DEF until around 285,000 (i.e. double what you have).  If you haven't gotten a good multiplier by then, you should be able to beat the snake boss on those stats (though I haven't tested it for sure; usually something good pops up long before then).  After that, I'm off to the last boss of that zone (using Gear Set 4 again).

With Gear Set 3, I sprint through the maze until 3 of the battle bars are full (usually in the center; one path makes me do it before the center), then it's Gear Set 2 until I hit a battle, and back to Gear Set 3.  Eventually I work my way to the center, then one room toward either of the dragon bosses.  I used to farm here for an Estoc (which I finally got while writing this), moving on only when I was sure I was strong enough to beat the dragon bosses.  Usually, that's when I have 150,000 HP, 453,000 ATK, and I'm most of the way toward 285,000 DEF.  I usually test the 27,200 zone first to make sure the mob is fairly easy to kill (especially if it's the knight).  If I'm struggling, I keep upping my DEF until it's around 285,000.  Note: with the Estoc (which is easy to farm in the 24,900 zone from the lady knight - just get strong enough you can kill her then dump all into luck until you get it), I can now get 580,000 ATK by this point while spending the same amount of stat points (as compared to the Thunder Sword +1).

When comfortable, take out the first dragon boss (don't forget to switch to Gear Set 4); then use Gear Set 3 to get to the center; switch gear for a battle, then back to 3 to the other dragon boss.  You should be able to make it from the center to the dragon boss without any battles getting in the way, except on rare bad-luck occasions.  If you did LUC farming on the last map (i.e. pre-snake boss), you're probably running really low on battles.  Occasionally, if I'm doing that, I'll have to equip a BP Ring to get close enough, but that's rare.  Usually, I'll just push until my last non-BP Ring battle, then I'll go for the dragon boss, even if I have to use money to win.  I'll accept the one battle between dragon bosses, then kill the second (remember Gear Set 4).  I can get back to the last boss in one-go, then beat him (using Gear Set 4).  You have just accumulated several more battles, hopefully without needing your BP ring, even on a LUC farming run.

At this point, on a good run, after farming LUC up to 60,000 (70,000 with Gear Set 4), I'm starting the next area with 10-11 battles left without using any BP Rings.  If I'm running more like 5-7 battles left, I use my bonus here, put on Gear Set 3, then run the map until I find the highest zone with a killing bonus (i.e. enemy ATK x .5; enemy HP x .5; crit/combo +).  I'll farm there until that's gone, using BP rings as necessary, then go to the highest zone that I believe is safe.

For reference, I assume the 28,800 zone is always safe.  The 30,000 zone is safe when I have 200,000 HP, 580,000 ATK and 285,000 DEF.  Bump the ATK up to 650,000 and the 33,333 zone is safe.  Bump ATK up again until it's at 780,000 and the 34,400 zone should be safe (this seems to be the hardest jump on this map).  Get your HP up to 250,000 and the 36,000 zone is safe.  Note: for those mis-reading this as stats necessary for a "max-leveling" purpose and not as a LUC run, my definition of "safe" expects at least 1-2 critical hits per battle, which is no problem with high LUC, but you will need higher stats if you're not relying on LUC.  I push my battles down to the last (including BP rings), then go for the boss.  At this point, I'm usually pushing 250,000 HP, 875,000 ATK, and 430,000 DEF.

In the next zone, you should start with anywhere from 5-7 BP, depending on how many you had left when you finished off the boss.  I usually just try to look for the ?! tile, if one exists.  In the meantime, I get my stats up to 300,000 HP; 1,050,000 ATK and 430,000 DEF.  I have found that DEF does very little in the later stages, especially since I don't use a character with a multiplier on it.  I tested it once and the difference of 140,000 DEF in this zone meant about 2,500 damage less per hit, which is negligible, but consumes a lot of points.  Specifically, for the same amount of points, I could have had over 80,000 HP, whereas the defense difference only saved about 10,000 HP at best.  Put your stats where you will get more per point.  Using the Knight Armor, I usually get the first (non bracketed) number up to 150,000 then stop (which I think is 430,000 total).  Once your stats are at the levels indicated, you should be able to beat the cloud boss without using money; but a lot of that depends on your LUC giving you at least a couple crits (don't forget to use Gear Set 4).  After that, it's just farming the last zone and upping your stats however you like.  Usualy, I'll just dump everything purely into HP at that point; though on occasion I'll go for 1,225,000 ATK or up my DEF to 570,000 just to see if one variant is better.  I think my best level was when I went pure HP after that.

Note that you're only likely to get this far if you stopped at 34,000 LUC.  If you went higher, you might not ever be able to beat the cloud boss, as you likely expended your money beating the boss before him.  If you were able to make some serious cash along the way and happen to have enough to restore your HP a couple times, or you lucked out and got a good bonus one one of the boss fights and didn't need to spend your cash, my most recent run had 60,000 LUC (66,000 with Gear Set 4 modified to include 3 BP+1 rings) and I still managed to beat the cloud boss and end with 56,000+ as my final level.  With a 34,000 LUC run I can get that consistently between 60,000 and 65,000.  With a max-leveling run it's between 65,000 and 70,000 consistently.