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End Game Max Levelling
Created by: Unknown
Last updated: July 14, 2014
CLv+PLv For: 8-12
GameLv For: 75000-125000

See above, except that instead of putting anything into LUC at all, you just go pure HP/ATK/DEF.  For the First dragon boss, I usually have my stats around (or just under) 200,000 HP, 450,000 ATK, and 300,000 DEF.  This should be much easier, since you have all the extra points you didn't put in LUC.  After both dragon bosses, blitz the final zone boss.

In the next area, I fight one battle in each zone until I hit a battle that I struggled on (i.e. won with less than 25% of my life).  In general, for the 30,000 zone I want my level at 34,000.  For the 33,333 zone I want my level at 38,500.  For the 34,500 zone, I want my level at least 40,000.  For the 36,000 zone, I want my level at least 42,500.  For the boss, I want at least 250,000 HP, 875,000 ATK, and 430,000 DEF.

In the 37,777 area, just fight until your stats are around 300,000 HP, 1,050,000 ATK, and 430,000 DEF.  I can't recall for sure that these are the (I have when I fight him, but it's close.

In the last area, I just work my way to the 54,000 zone, increasing whichever stats seem to make sense.  I've had the best luck just going pure HP from there, but have yet to achieve consistent wins in the 54,000 zone without any bonuses or money usage.  I just got an Estoc while writing this, and that might make a good bit of difference and motivate me to put more points into ATK on this map than I used to.

  • I'd recommend at least having an Estoc, Estoc+1, Green light sword or at least a Knight sword. Any of these swords drastically increase your late-game ATK. If you don't have any of these, you may want to grind for them.
  • It would also be beneficial to use Knight/Magic armor (one can be grinded in 2222, the other bought. Knight is slightly better, but not enough to make a difference. Whichever is more convenient.), Rare armor (grinded in the 13333 area), or the best option, Light armor (from Red or Green Eye Dragon bosses, Red being somewhat more likely).

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