|Name=Gold Farming
|LastUpdated=July 14, 2014

Getting owned by higher level enemies because you don't have good equips? Try Gold farming.

If you are too weak and without any equips you need to play normally to have some basic equips; to be most effective in farming you need equips to survive the Fox Boss (lvl 750) without allocating any points.

The idea is to go to desert its on the right side of the map. The squares with 2222 and 777 gives nice amount of gold. if you are weak concentrate on level 777 put all the points in luck or you could improvise a bit for now. just keep fighting there increasing your luck, run for any bonus you spot. Level 777 area is in the north east side of desert map and for level 2222 area you need to go the south east.

To further boost you gold mongering you can invest in a few +3 luck gems.

Always keep an eye out for bonuses. If you have an equipment set dedicated to Encounter+ rings, and are willing to take the extra step, you can scout the 777, 1222, 1333, and 2222 areas between each battle looking for the best bonus. Money buffs are obvious, but "? ? ?" areas are even more valuable. Monsters within often give 100,000 gold, even up to 300,000, and some of the best accessories in the game are only dropped by such monsters. Don't forget to use your own bonuses. When there are no bonuses on any of those four areas, this is a good time to activate a bonus. I personally had better results using bonuses in the mid-to-late run, when I had more luck.

Depending on your play style, if you have 3 Movement Gem+1s and 3 +Encounter Rings, you can go to the 3,400 zone to rack up several thousands of LUC, then after you hit a breaking point between increasing LUC versus lost gold gained per battle, head back to the 2,222 zone.  As for that breaking point, by example only (using fairly random numbers), I mean that if you're get to a point where the 3,400 zone gives you 1,500 LUC and 4,000 gold per battle and that amount of LUC only increases your gold intake by, say, 200 gpb in the current area, but 300 gpb in the 2,222 zone, and the 2,222 zone will give you 400 LUC and 13,000 gpb, you have to evaluate based on the number of battles you have remaining if the extra increase in LUC is worth losing another battle over it.

The same principle applies even when you're in the 2,222 zone.  Initially, you will want all exp gems on.  But at some breaking point, you're going to want to switch those exp gems to LUC gems when the exp gain (leading to LUC gain) is low enough that it doesn't justify withholding your LUC gems any more.  Even after that, you will eventually want to switch out your +2 LUC Gems for Battle Point Rings+1s, and eventually the +3 LUC Gems with Battle Point Rings (the +0s).

Finally, if you are feeling adventurous, when you run low on BP you can rush north and challenge more bosses, and see how far you can get.

This method is effective for most any item that can be purchased, but you may have difficulty hitting the 1,700,000 necessary for the ever-alluring Recovery Small Necklace. For this, you may have better luck doing normal runs, raising LUC somewhat early, and spending every turn you can in a "? ? ?" area. Good luck!