End Game with Least Farming
Created by: Arandom
Last updated: Nov 4, 2014
CLv+PLv For: 4-9
GameLv For: 50000-250000


I'm probably one of frustrated players who want to end this addicting game to focus on real life. Hence, this page suggest a way to kill all available bosses with the least item farming effort.
I had four runs using this methods, the first two ended up in heaven having 30+ battle points left, then killed the first two bosses there. The third run I successfully killed the third boss, had 2 attempts with final boss but my AGI was too low and I had to use 3x Battle Point Rings. In the fourth run, I luckily got in rainbow map, killed all bosses there and reached heaven with 40+ battle points. However, I made a few mistakes in heaven and when I reached final boss, my AGI is still insufficient. I only had three tries fighting final boss full gear. In one battle, I almost killed the boss, only 1 more hit it would have been dead.

Item requirementsEdit

  • 2x Revival Necklace (DROP from Advanced Succubus in ??? zone):  gives you a chance to survive a killing blow. One gives you 45% chance, and two give you 65% chance to survive.
  • Recover Small Necklace (1,700,000): Reactivate revival necklace effect
  • Samurai Long Sword (1,300,000): Best early weapon in shop
  • Knight Sword (820,000): Best late game weapon in shop
  • Knight Armor (800,000): Best early and late game armor in shop
  • 3x  30% Exp gems+3 (500,000): Obviously, you need to level fast
  • 3x +Encounter Rings (50,000): to avoid unnecessary battles
  • 3x Battle Point Rings+1 (400,000): to assist farming and each add 1 more "life" to your character
  • 2x HP gem+3 (580,000) and 1x DEF gem+3 (640,000): You'll need this in early game.

  • Movement Gem+1 (200,000): to sprint through maps and (perhaps?) avoid battles. However, you will be defenseless when using this gem with +Encounter Rings.
  • 3x LUC Gem+3 (500,000): to farm items
  • Other Gem+3 to use when needed.
  • 3x EXP Gem+2 to use in early game.
  • Combo Rate Ring: nice addition to damage.
  • Critical Rate Ring: nice addition to damage.
  • Critical Damage Ring: According to my observation, it adds about 20% damage to a critical hit. 

Character Selection and Stat Point DistributionEdit

For this build, it would be best to use the character at top left corner, because we will need ATK and AGI as high as possible.
Stat point distribution:
HP: Never add.
ATK: All points after AGI is sufficient
DEF: Never add.
AGI: It is currently unclear how to calculate Critical Rate and Combo Rate. Thus I advice following this rule: your character's AGI should equal 2.5x boss level in early stage (up to level 20,000), and 3.5x boss level in later stage.
LUC: Never add.


... To be continued

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