This Page is a work in progress, I will continue to update later when I have more time.

(Late Game Blitzing - Getting there with All The BP) Edit Edit

I don't have the top gear in the game just yet but I am getting pretty close and I am getting pretty good at farming late game items, This guide will talk about how to really maximize that late game farming.

First off like with many other guides I will list out some of my gear sets so you have an idea where I am at, you may be able to jump ahead in levels and EXP or you may need to stop for an extra battle or two depending how closely you match up to this.

Gear Set 1: Swanchika/Holy Axe; Crystal Cape; EXP Gem +4 x 2, EXP Gem +3 x 1 EXP Gem +2 x 2, Stat Point Crystal.

Gear Set 2: Swanchika/Holy Axe; Crystal Cape; 3 Movement Gem +1; 3 +Encounter Ring

Gear Set 3: Longinus/Holy Lance; Crystal Cape; LUC Gem +5 x2, LUC Gem +4 x 2, LUC Gem +3 x2

Gear Set 4: Longinus/Holy Lance; Crystal Cape; Battle Point Ring +2 x2, Battle Point Ring +1 x3, LUC Gem +5

Variant 1/2: Swap your Swanchika for a Longinus after beating the Eye Boss. In this guide I will assume you are pretty good at understanding how to run between battles and avoid monsters. you will always get some random encounters but I will assume none for the sake of simplicity. Always fight with the Set 1 unless otherwise specified and always walk with Set 2.

Variant 3: Set 3: Longinus/Holy Lance; Crystal Cape; LUC Gem +5 x2, EXP Gem +4 x2, EXP Gem +3 x1, Stat Point Crystal

Attempt to fight only in the listed Zone, if you are afraid of hitting a battle before reaching it always stop and change gear, one extra battle with max exp is better in the long run and you can often skip the area you just couldn't reach to get back on track. if you happen to see a good EXP bonus near the next area stop for a fight there instead. also if you ever see a battle bonus in the slightly higher difficulty area you can often skip to that one for even higher exp. After the Maze in the dragon zone I always check the next higher one for a bonus as well. If executed perfectly you can get BP as high as 61 when landing in 37,777 zone, from here luck plays a role as you will look for the gate monster in the !? I will often put a few points into luck while getting random battles in this zone since the crystals have nice drops for you, alternatively If you are still looking for items off the snake pit boss (20,000) and the mother bosses you may also want to stop for 3-4 battles in the 20,000 zone to get your LUK up but for the purposes of this guide I will assume you just want to get to the last zones with max BP. I wouldn't go past 40,000 LUK for any reason at this point unless you are cutting the run short for money or to farm a specific piece of gear.

Another tip for those doing high end farming, if you have access to the white zone (white angel in the !) and need any of the items from there you can stop in the 37,777 zone and farm there for LUK and ! zones. just keep fighting here until you see a ! and then go and try for the white zone. It helps to have a LUK set that can bump you up to 40,000 or more LUK, I will usually stop in a ! zone and try for the angel and if I get it but havent put any points in LUK yet I just switch to Set 3 untill it is over. Another nice option is to use Variant 3 Set 3 on any boss encounter with a drop you still need, generally the snake boss and mother bosses are the best choice for this. Like with anything this game is all about experimenting and figuring out what works for you based on your needs. if you have a boss that doesnt drop anything you want keep the full exp set on. I personally dont use any +5 Crystals except for the LUK one, when doing the crystal zone I will keep on my EXP set untill I get to the Yellow Boss one and then I will go with my LUK set. also for the Rainbow Crystal I use my LUK set (since a +3 play crystal will be better than a +4 LUK crystal if you have 100 games or more)






1 700 Racoon Boss 16,000 Base Base
2 2,222 Sphinx Boss 16,000 70,000 Base
3 2,000 Dragon Boss 45,000 70,000 Base
4 5,200 Eye Boss (Change Weapon) 45,000 180,000 Base
5 7,630 45,000 180,000 93,000
6 11,800 82,000 180,000 93,000
7 13,111 Ice Boss 82,000 343,000 93,000
8 10,840 Fire Boss 82,000 343,000 93,000
9 12,400 Tree Boss 82,000 343,000 93,000
10 12,000 Lightning Boss 82,000 590,000 93,000
11 18,400 82,000 590,000 150,000
12 20,000 122,000 590,000 150,000
13 20,000 160,000 590,000 150,000
14 20,000 Snake Pit Boss 160,000 590,000 240,000
15 20,000 Mother Boss 160,000 650,000 240,000
16 25,555 Centre of Maze 160,000 650,000 315,000
17 Dragon 1 (closest to you) 250,000 650,000 315,000
18 25,555 Centre of Maze 270,000 650,000 315,000
19 Dragon 2 (other) 270,000 760,000 315,000
20 Mother fight 300,000 760,000 315,000
21 33,333 300,000 760,000 400,000
22 36,000 390,000 760,000 400,000
23 36,000 390,000 915,000 400,000
24 36,000 Mother Boss 390,000 1,050,000 400,000
25 37,777 !? Bonus (or EXP until Gate) 390,000 1,050,000 400,000

If you make sure to follow the listed Stats you will not be at risk of death for any of the fights, following this battle plan will allow you to get to the end with tons of remaining BP so that you can farm that last item or hit your max EXP (this is also great for EXP Runs or Farming as you can stop in whichever zone the item you want drops in and spam LUK until you are satisfied and want to go for the item.) This is meant to help people to judge their characters readiness to fight bosses based on the listed stats. if you follow this you should be capable of the fights without much fear of losing. I generally ignore Agility because it has a randomness factor which scares me.. with bad luck agility can result in deaths where you should otherwise have been able to kill a monster (if you dont get the crit or combo you were hoping for) some people love the stat but I personally find it to be too risky when compared to the 3 stat builds.

(Late Game Blitzing - Crystal Zone) Edit

I split the chart at this point because of the chance that you will fight 1-10 battles in the 37,777 zone before getting in. The stats chart assumes you have not added anything to your primary stats in this zone (possubly LUK but you can add to whatever you like and it will save you some time later in the final stage boss farming.

26 Green Crystal 390,000 1,100,000 400,000
27 Blue Crystal 390,000 1,100,000 475,000
28 Red Crystal 390,000 1,100,000 550,000
29 Cyan Crystal 420,000 1,100,000 550,000
30 Yellow Crystal 420,000 1,200,000 550,000
31 Rainbow Crystal 460,000 1,200,000 550,000

(Late Game Blitzing - Final Boss Zone) Edit

At this point you will be in the final zone. if you are looking for max exp just make your way to the tiger boss zone and farm exp untill your stats are such that you can beat that boss. I usually farm this area for exp and then when I am strong enough for the Phoenix I will run over there and fight that boss before returning to deal with the Tiger. farming EXP in the highest level zone will get you max level faster so this is why I do it in that order. The number of fights to get to comfortable boss killing stats will vary but if you go after the bosses with the following stats you will be sure to succeed. Thanks for reading, hope some of this was helpful if not for the order of the fights I use then at least for the stat listing as you lead up to each boss!

In order to farm safely in the 58,000 zone I would suggest the following Stats

HP: 750,000 ATK: 1,250,000 DEF: 555,000

With that you should be able to farm your levels easily to get ready for those bosses. You can always use a Regen Amulet if you want to fight the bosses sooner or watch for a good battle bonus but to safely fight them with base stats I recommend the below stats listed. It may be possible to do it with less but to be safe and avoid a death I usually shoot for these.

Boss HP Starting ATK Starting DEF Starting
Phoenix 800,000 2,000,000 765,000
Tiger 1,000,000 2,500,000 870,000