This armor is best suited for the mid-level starting armor for Hard Mode. It has a high amount of plus, but a low amount of % Bonus, making it suited for starting with this armor, then switching out to other hard mode armors.

In-Game Description: +80000/350%

Item Block Edit

Category: 1, Id: 31

Item1 31 Half Plate Armor+1 (Id: 31)

Cost Edit

Cannot be purchased

Drops From Edit

Ene17 4c Name me! Name Template (ene17_4c)
HP: 2720000 (HM: 29920000) ATK: 60000 (HM: 660000)
XP: 407552950 (HM: 4075529500) Gold: 4000 (HM: 20000)
Drop Stats: Only Item, 3% Drop Rate (HARD MODE ONLY)
Ene17 6c Name me! Name Template (ene17_6c)
HP: 2880000 (HM: 31680000) ATK: 64000 (HM: 704000)
XP: 397825848 (HM: 3978258480) Gold: 4000 (HM: 20000)

Drop Stats: Only Item, 3.2% Drop Rate (HARD MODE ONLY)

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