In this guide we will see how to go as far as possible in hard mode, and the requirements for each step.

I am still working on it, so be patient for the later steps...

Requirements Edit

In order to begin hard mode without too much trouble you need a few items :

  • Armor : > 300% bonus (you can buy spike armor for 4M gold) or a four gods yellow armor.
  • Weapon : > 300% AND some additive bonus (you can buy scimitar+1 for 3M gold)
  • Accessories : Small Recovery Necklace
  • 7 out of the 8 accessories slots unlocked

Those are the MINIMAL requirements.

Other gear suggestions are :

  • Recovery Necklace (??? Zone)
  • first critical hit ring or crit rate ring (for slot 7)
  • +3/+4 EXP Gems (Eye Boss / Orochi Boss)
  • +5 Stat Gems (Pillar bosses, God Bosses)
  • Stat Point Crystal (! Zone - White bonus Area)

Try to grab a good gem in normal like HP+5, Def+5, Atk+5, four gods, and the most important in order to go far :

+4EXP gem and stat point crystal

Tips Edit

Here are some tips :

  • Sometimes you will need to switch back into Normal mode to farm items ( !, !!!, ??? Bonus area gear, Gems, etc)
  • Hard mode ???, ! and !!! Bonus Zones mobs are not as easy as in normal mode. It is advise to avoid these zones until around the maze.
  • Remember to use your gold if you run low on health.
  • Sometimes it is better to replace an EXP gem by a +bonus gem in order to go further or to kill a boss
  • If your HP is under 33% when you kill a mob without using combo/crit, proceeding to the next area is very risky.
  • It is better to waste some BP and stay in one spot in order to win some XP than to rush and lose 5BP points

Bonus Area Zones ! / !!! Edit

There are two bonus area zones called White Bonus Area and Black Bonus Area, you might already have access to the Black Bonus Area but might need to farm common items in normal to unlock the White Bonus Area. If you do not have the required items you will get a Dark / shadow version of the mob with diminished XP and Gold, making it effectively useless to fight this creature.

You can tell the difference between the zones how many exclamation marks it has, ! = White !!! = Black

 ! - White Bonus Area requires you to have : Edit

  • Normal Mode : 37 of all weapons
  • Hard mode : 66 weapons

Notable Items in White Bonus Area are Stat Point Crystal

 !!! - Black Bonus Area requires you to have : Edit

  • Normal Mode : 19 of all weapons or 12 Armors
  • Hard mode : 51 weapons or 26 Armors

Notable Items in Black Bonus Area are +4 Stat Gems

First step : Castle siege Edit

(skip whole step if you can kill White Dragon Knight without trouble and farm in 9800 area)

Getting a decent weapon Edit

(skip to next step if you can kill the mobs in the 2000 castle area)

You will not have an easy time with your minimal stuff... So you have to find some better stuff if you want to joust with the Panda and the Knight :

  • Steel Axe +1 (+90000 / 300%) on the 1000 left map area is a must have for beginners. (near the broken eastern bridge) Getting it must be your #1 priority
Ene4 4c Minotaur Slicer (ene4_4c)
Point Value: 2030.5789058246 (HM: 23352.386362274)
HP: 64000 (HM: 704000) ATK: 1520 (HM: 16720)
XP: 845784 (HM: 8457840) Gold: 1200 (HM: 6000)
APV: 26.32% Stage Value: 16
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item0 7 8: Steel Axe (11%) (Id: 7)
Hard Item 1:
Item0 78 Steel Axe+1 (2.2%) (Id: 78)
Map 4, Lv 1000

Bottom area has no interest. Kill Jousting Red Panda once in order to increase your Base Level.

World1 hard

If you have trouble to reach this area :

  1. try to go step by step and take your time, and use atk+5, HP+5 and def+5 gems.
  2. As soon as you can go to the left dust ground area because monsters give more XP for a same difficulty level as the middle higher grass areas.
  3. If you are in trouble use some BP rings. If you are strong enough, kill the fox for some more BPs.

Getting a decent armor Edit

(skip to next step if your armor is >+360% bonus)

Now you should have a good damage even with a low level. And you are supposed to survive in the right area without trouble.

in the "3" (lvl2222) area you can drop a good end game armor (Egyptian dude and girl) :

  • the magic armor +1 (+100 / 360%)

You can also get the lizard's trident in the same area :

  • trident +1 (+8000 / 380%)

Don't waste too much time trying to drop this weapon, it is not required to go further.

Getting a good weapon : samurai +1 Edit

(skip if you can farm without too much trouble in 9800 area)

This is the best early game weapon until you reach the maze dragons.

this one is a MUST HAVE :

  • samurai sword +1 (+120 000 / 350%)

The drop rate is quite low and the spawn rate for the lvl2000 shinobi is also low, so you will need patience and luck, but it is worth the pain :

Ene5 5b Gopher Monk (ene5_5b)
Point Value: 3325.5145658947 (HM: 38094.693236084)
HP: 78000 (HM: 858000) ATK: 6000 (HM: 66000)
XP: 3223547 (HM: 32235470) Gold: 1600 (HM: 8000)
APV: 15.91% Stage Value: 50
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item0 20 25: Samurai Sword (3%) (Id: 20)
Hard Item 1:
Item0 76 Samurai Sword+1 (3%) (Id: 76)
Map 5, Lv 2000

if you can reach the 9800 area, it is better to farm there because drop rate is up to two times higher and you can get the armor too...

Defeat the castle lord ! Edit

With this mighty sword, you should be able to defeat the White Dragon Knight easy. Go for it !

If you are lucky, he should drop a god of war gem (+50k atk, def and agi) which will be useful later.

Second step : lame dropping areas Edit

(skip chapter if you can reach and kill maze dragons bosses without trouble)

World 2 hard

Up to this point, Recover Necklace is highly required. The goal now is to drop a good early game weapon and armor set. This will help you a lot in normal difficulty, and is required in order to kill the maze dragon bosses.

At this point you should be able to reach and slay Oculus of Hatred. He drops the hero gem (+30K all stats) which will be very useful because of the +LUC.

If you are having a bit of trouble, remember that LV 3400 area is a good XP Grinding area before killing Hatred.

But you should be able to reach the dark castle area without any trouble. Be careful here, because difficulty raises very fast, and the minimal stuff will reach its limit. Even if you can go a bit further, you should go back to normal and try to get at least two of the following :

  • stat point crystal
  • EXP gem +4
  • HP gem +5
  • Hero gem or god of war gem (hard mode eye and rider bosses)

Your EXP set should be the following :

  • Recovery necklace
  • stat point crystal
  • 4x EXP gem (+4 or +3)
  • Your best stat gems in the bottom slots (ATK > DEF > HP)

At this point you should use some +encounter rings and Movement gems+1

Samurai area (area 9800) Edit

(skip if you can reach and kill maze dragons bosses without trouble)

Here you can also drop the samurai sword +1 if you skipped previous steps, but more importantly, you can become a true samurai by dropping the best early game armor until you reach the maze :

  • Samurai armor +1 (+45000 / 320%)
Ene8 5b Name me! Name Template (ene8_5b)
HP: 560000 (HM: 6160000) ATK: 23000 (HM: 253000)
XP: 50416192 (HM: 504161920) Gold: 1400 (HM: 7000)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item0 20 25: Samurai Sword (11%) (Id: 20)
Item 2:
Normal Mode
Item1 9 10: Samurai Armor (11%) (Id: 9)
Hard Item 1:
Item0 76 Samurai Sword+1 (5%) (Id: 76)
Hard Item 2:
Item1 33 Samurai Armor+1 (5%) (Id: 33)

The armor and the sword should be useful until you reach lvl 80k where the % bonus will start to be interesting again. They will help a lot for the next areas but they have a low drop rate because the samurai only appears like 25% of the time and has a low drop rate. Prepare to stay a while here... getting +2 luck char or +luck items helps. You can also get the sword here if you do not have it yet.

knight area (area 10 000) Edit

(skip if you can reach area 24900 -just before maze center- and kill the mobs there)

you should be able to reach this area with your level at +/-30k, you can drop here the following items that can help to go further :

  • knight rapier +1 (a good late game weapon : +7000 / 450%) (only the black knight)
  • knight armor +1 (a good late game armor : +5000 / 370%) (black and white knights)

They really have a low drop rate... I dropped the weapon then i skipped to the next step.

Ene8 6a Name me! Name Template (ene8_6a)
HP: 980000 (HM: 10780000) ATK: 17500 (HM: 192500)
XP: 68393760 (HM: 683937600) Gold: 2500 (HM: 12500)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item0 26 31: Knight Rapier (11%) (Id: 26)
Hard Item 1:
Item0 55 Knight Rapier+1 (4%) (Id: 55)
Hard Item 2:
Item1 32 Knight Armor+1 (2.5%) (Id: 32)

The white knight doesn't drop the sword and has a lower armor drop, and they seem to have less that 33% chances to spawn... So you will need a lot of patience.

Ene8 6b Name me! Name Template (ene8_6b)
HP: 720000 (HM: 7920000) ATK: 25000 (HM: 275000)
XP: 79792720 (HM: 797927200) Gold: 2500 (HM: 12500)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item0 27 32: Knight Spear (11%) (Id: 27)
Hard Item 1:
Item1 32 Knight Armor+1 (1.5%) (Id: 32)

Elemental Goddesses Edit

Their drops are bad, -except thunder sword+2 which can replace the knight rapier+1- but if you can survive the 10k knights area, then you should be able to reach and kill them. They will give you some BPs that will help for the drop runs for the knight and the samurai.

EDIT: The Elemental goddesses drop +5 stat gems. This makes farming Dragon Knight => Hatred > Goddesses > 10000 knights a very nice HM run.

Third step : going further Edit

(skip if you can kill black equilibrium and reach the grid)

At this point the game begins to get fun and interesting again. You will have to play with extreme caution, but you will have to take some risk, because you have to reach the center of the maze in order to get a decent armor, and the maze dragons in order to proceed forward to the next steps. Every battle point counts.


If you reach this step, you should be able to kill the goddesses without trouble, and to reach the dragon pass where things get annoying. You will hit the main problem on this zone :

Not enough XP from monsters !

If you are not effective, you will waste all your BPs on the dragon pathway (lvl 14700 to 16900), and with luck reach Orochi and yellow equi', but with no BPs left and no strength to beat them or to survive in the maze.

this area will cause special trouble : not enough XP gain, and STRONG monsters (on the 16900 area the turquoise dragon is as strong as the 20 000 area ones...)

Effective XP Grinding Edit

Get a low encounter set :

  • Recovery necklace
  • 3x +encounter ring
  • 3x Movement gems +1
  • stat point crystal

with this rush to the lvl 2222 sphinx boss

Kill it with an XP grinding set :

  • 4x EXP gem +4 and/or +3
  • 1x stat point crystal
  • 1x HP gem +5 (as soon as this fight is over change it with recovery necklace)

then rush to all the bosses (panda knight and hatred) with the low enc. set, and kill them with the XP set.

then rush to the lvl 7630 and kill one enemy with XP set, then one on the lvl 8830, one on the 8880, one on the 10 000, one or two on the 11 111, and one or two on the 12 000 area. As soon as you will be lvl>35 000 kill the Thunder goddess, then rush to the Wind goddess, and to the Ice goddess.

Of course if you hit some +1.5 exp or +2 exp, go there.


Now go to the lvl 13 666 icy/cloudy area this one gives as much XP as the lvl 20 000 area. and stay here for a while (if you just have samurai sword +1 and samurai armor +1 fight until you reach a lvl > 70k with minimal stuff)

Then rush to kill the Fire goddess, and rush to the 20 000 area. The lvl 13 111 is also interesting if it has a +exp bonus, so check it before you start a new fight in 13 666

Killing Orochi Edit

It is better to kill him because you need BP and exp, and lvl 20 000 is a good place to level up before maze. But if you want to be safe while fighting him with a low level, you need gems.

i use 3x hero gems + recovery necklace +stat point + Exp gem +4 and i usually kill him with crit/combo, if i am unlucky i use my gold to restore health. Be sure to have enough before you attack.

IMPORTANT : This boss gives a LOT of gold. so if you can deal with it easily, wait for a +money bonus, and you will earn enough gold for 1 or 2 healings in only one fight !

Killing Purple Equilibrium Edit

Should be a piece of cake if you killed Orochi first.

Else go for her if you can kill a mob without combo/crit and keep 50% of your health.

The maze Edit

Bad place for exp. Ideally go there with level >90 000 if you only have the minimal equip. If you need some levels the 23 700, 24 200, 24 900 and 25 555 areas are the only places better than the 20 000 area.

as i explained on my first contribution on this wiki, there are some rules that you can follow in order to reach the center :

1/ when you spawn, always go down one room, 2/ then go right as soon as you can, 3/ then go down, and always follow your path until it ends, without turning unless you have no other option. If you hit a choice pick the clockwise direction. (happens for top right and bottom right)

If you start on the top left corner you will hit a dead end at the beginning of step 3. Go back and follow the path without turning right. If you start on bottom left corner you will hit a dead end just before the center. Go back one room and go right then follow the path.



Your first priority should be to get the second best early and mid game armor of the game :

  • Half plate armor+1 (+100 000 / 350%)
On the Bronze Ghost Armor, area 24 900 (purple zones) :The drop comes faster than for the samurai and the knight stuff (if you are lucky...)


With the armor and some stat bonus gems you should be able to reach the dragons. Red eyed is +/- as hard as Orochi. Green eyed is a bit more troublesome but with full bonus gem equip you should kill it.

Killing them is important because without their drops you will not be able to go further.

they have :

  • Green light sword +1 (+20 000 / 530%) --> Very good mid/late game weapon
  • Red light sword +1 (+140 000 / 470%) --> Best early game weapon until you reach the special areas
  • Light armor +1 (+0 / +470%) --> Best late game armor until you reach the special areas

Remember to kill yellow equi' once in order to get the +1BaseLv bonus.

REACH and KILL Black Equilibrium once Edit

In order to survive in the first area without struggling like a headless chicken, you need the maze dragon drops. If you can not add some +Exp Gems, you will not have enough BPs to reach her.

Nothing special here but try to use the area bonus to your advantage, and if you see a +combo/crit or a 0.5 atk go for the kill ! You will win a +1BaseLv. Always good to take.

Fourth step : Get the (holy) hero gem +2 Edit

(skip this step if you can reach and loot in the the ! / !!! areas)

At this step, the game will really start to become challenging if you do not have four gods gems. But i am doing it without the (almost) impossible to drop gem, so you should be able to do it too.

--> be aware that without four gods, if you are not lucky with exp x2 bonus, you will have to take some risks in order to reach Chaos grid with enough battle points to trigger and beat Tsukuyomi (from !?). Even with a perfect game play, some luck is required to reach rainbow crystal and you will not have 100% succeed at this point.

the requirements : Edit

  • low encounter and high exp sets as listed before
  • half plate armor +1, light armor+1, red light sword+1 (and/or green light sword+1)
  • and some accessories :
    • 3x battle point ring +3
    • 3x hero gem
    • def gem +5
    • (or of course better bonus gems, four gods is really welcome here)

Usually, without +stats gems, switch from half plate armor to light armor when you reach lvl 75 000 and switch from red light to green light at lvl 135 000

(if you do nor have red light, and still use samurai sword, switch to green light at lvl 75 000)

about stats there : Edit

After a few try and using my beta stats and fight simulator i could confirm that as long as you do not reach the optimal def value, increasing def is really the best stats investment if you are too weak for a zone, but if you follow the 25/50/25% stat point repartition you will also lack some health and atk. So unless you really lack a lot of def, hero gem seems to be the best here because it will provide some combo/crit and will also increase health and atk.

If you want more precise values than 25/50/25 :

the total points in atk/def/hp should have the following repartition :

total hp = 75% of total def

total atk = 275% of total def

Dragons seem vulnerable to combo and crit, so hero gem seems better than god of war gem because of the health and +luck bonus. They give a lot more exp than maze mobs, but they are also a lot harder to kill, so don't rush there too fast, but do not waste too many BPs.

Kill yellow equi' as soon as you can kill the lvl 25 555 mobs without losing more than 50%hp without the help of any +atk/def/hp gem and without combo/crit.

Area 004 : Dark dragon pathway Edit

Use the optimal path described before in order to reach and finish the maze.

Remember that as soon as you can proceed to the next exp grinding spot while keeping your exp gems (4x exp gems with at least a level +2) you have to go there. Use the enemy list by area topic to find if it is better to go for a +1.5exp bonus near you or if it is better to stay on your exp grinding spot.

Here the mobs get very hard very fast. Unless you have kick ass stuff, after killing yellow equi', use your daily bonus activator in order to trigger the bonus as soon as you appear in the 28 800 area.

here are the following areas :

  • 28 800 (the first one) average exp = 952M
  • 30 000 average exp = 976M
  • 33 333 average exp = 1282M
  • 34 500 average exp = 1649M
  • 36 000 (the last one) average exp = 1927M

You need to find the best way to reach the last one as fast as possible with as much exp as possible. Here are a few tips :

  • Always aim for exp x2 bonus areas
  • aim for exp x1.5 in the first areas only if you can not survive with full exp stuff on the area lvl 34500 or above
  • area 30 000 is a bit less interesting than lvl 28 800 because even if average exp is almost the same, some mobs in 30 000 give less exp than in 28 800 even if they are stronger...
  • Proceed to the next area if it costs you 1 exp gem or less. if you need 2 exp gem or more do not proceed to the next area unless you have a +exp bonus. count 2 exp gem for each 0.5 exp bonus
  • Use some BP rings+3 if you need to. Using more than 2 will make the rest of the guide almost impossible, you should consider to suicide and start a new game.
Ene56 ba Black Equilibrium (ene56_ba) -BOSS- (+5 BP)
HP: 6200000 (HM: 68200000) ATK: 120000 (HM: 1320000)
XP: 2000000000 (HM: 20000000000) Gold: 17777 (HM: 88885)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item2 38 Battle Point Ring+2 (2.8%) (Id: 38)
Stacks Battle Point increases by 5 when equipped
Item 2:
Normal Mode
Item2 53 Battle Point Ring+3 (2%) (Id: 53)
Stacks Battle Point increases by 7 when equipped
After completing the Maze, at the end of the corridor you spawn into. Teleports to Chaos Grid.

If you reach black equi', do not kill her too fast, because Chaos grid monsters give less exp than area 34 800 ones and some of them (the sword and the hammer guy) are way harder. You should wait until you are able to kill the mobs without combo/crit and with no +stat bonus gem and +/- 50% hp remaining. Moreover, tower is also way harder than Black Mother, so a few additional levels will be welcome.

Chaos grid : find the Moon God ! Edit

(skip if you can reach Crystal map without using bp rings)

the goal here is to encounter Tsukuyomi as fast as possible, because without +exp bonus this area is totaly uninteresting. Use your daily bonus area activator as soon as you get there, this way you will spare one BP and maximize your chances to find a !? bonus area.

God Grid color coded

so move as described in the maps section in order to scan all the areas as fast as possible :

Go to the bottom right corner and slalom from left to right and go up 3 times. if you reach the top, go to the more interesting area fight then start again.

aim for the following bonus areas :

  • !? area (this is our main goal)
  • exp x3 (even more interesting)
  • exp x2 (the more interesting)
  • exp x1.5
  • 0.5atk 0.5hp +combo+crit
  • money (less interesting)
  •  !!! ??? and ! areas should be avoided because at this point you should be too weak.

Be careful with Tsuku if you find it early on, remember to equip some good gems else you may lose the fight because it is stronger than black equi'.

Ene57 bb Tsukuyomi (ene57_bb)
HP: 7500000 (HM: 82500000) ATK: 130000 (HM: 1430000)
XP: 600000000 (HM: 6000000000) Gold: 17777 (HM: 88885)
Appears only in "?!" Bonus Area within Chaos Grid. Use your "Area Bonus" here if you're having trouble finding it. Note: It's not actually a boss, but since defeating it will take you to the Crystal Map; it's worth special mention.

use as many BP rings as possible, you will be able to get some BPs in the crystal area before fighting Hero Crystal.

Crystal map : the annoying quest for the hero gems Edit

(skip if you have enough hero gems to loot in !!! and ! areas)

the goal is to drop some hero gems +1 or +2 in order to survive in the !!! and ! areas.

This place has only one area, so the bonus will trigger very fast. You will need it in order to kill the hero crystal. So meanwhile kill the mobs (good Exp and gold there but they are strong so some gems will be helpful...). Without four gods gem, attacking a crystal without atk/hp/combo+crit bonus is suicide.

Here are the crystals from the weakest to the strongest :

  1. (weakest) blue HP crystal
  2. light blue agi crystal (2% harder)
  3. green def crystal (1% harder)
  4. yellow luc and red atk crystals (1% harder)
  5. hero crystal (10% harder) drops hero gem +1 and +2

as soon as you have a 0.5atk, a 0.5hp or a combo+crit, equip your best gems and go for the hero gem loot!

Ene58 bf Hero Crystal (ene58_bf) -BOSS- (+2 BP)
HP: 8120000 (HM: 89320000) ATK: 171000 (HM: 1881000)
XP: 4000000000 (HM: 40000000000) Gold: 9999 (HM: 49995)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item2 45 Play Gem+1 (5%) (Id: 45)
Stacks ATKx17, DEFx17, AGIx12 increase by depending on the times played\Critical will no longer occur
Item 2:
Normal Mode
Item2 64 Hero Gem (1%) (Id: 64)
Stacks All stat increases by 30000
Item 3:
Normal Mode
Item2 51 Play Gem+2 (2%) (Id: 51)
Stacks ATKx40, DEFx40, AGIx30 increase by depending on the times played\Critical will no longer occur
Hard Item 1:
Item2 65 Hero Gem+1 (1.1%) (Id: 65)
Stacks All stat increases by 60000
Hard Item 2:
Item2 69 Hero Gem+2 (0.9%) (Id: 69)
Stacks All stat increases by 120000
Center Boss in the Crystal Map. Careful! Beating it will take you to the Sky Map, so beat all the other Crystals first.

After that, go to 45 200 and 44 444 areas in order to drop Estoc+2, without the hero gem +1 or +2 anything else will be pointless.

Step five : !!! and ! areas Edit

will come as soon as i drop hero gem +2 ^^ be patient. Be aware that !!! Providence is +/- as hard as Hero Crystal boss and ! Lucifer is way harder than all the bosses encountered before.

Ene0 4a Oculus of Providence (ene0_4a)
10000000 (110000000)
150000 (1650000)
100000000 (1000000000)
Gold: 5000 (HM: 25000)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item2 3 HP Gem+3 (15%) (Id: 3)
Stacks HP increases by 15000
Only appears in !!! (26% chance). You can only encounter if you have 19 of the first 33 weapons, or 12 of the first 15 armors. In Hard Mode the requirement is 51 weapons or 26 Armours Then you always encounter this with the random chance. BossSyu 66. Defeating this boss teleports you to Black Bonus Area
Ene0 3a Lucifer (ene0_3a)
12000000 (132000000)
170000 (1870000)
700000000 (7000000000)
Gold: 50000 (HM: 250000)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item2 3 HP Gem+3 (20%) (Id: 3)
Stacks HP increases by 15000
Only appears in ! (24% chance). You can only encounter if you have 37 (Normal Mode) or 66 (Hard Mode) weapons, then you always encounter this with the random chance. Defeating this boss teleports you to White Bonus Area.

About the level required related questions : Edit

The following calculations are made for the moment where battle points really start to matter : step 4 and beyond. At this point even with four gods gem you will not have 100% succeed on every try.

Get ready to stay for a long time with the following equipment.

the levels indicated here are for a Clvl+Plvl around 25 with the brainless stats repartition and the following items :

  • Red light sword+1 (lvl < 135k) then Green light sword+1
  • Half plate+1 (lvl <75k) then light armor+1
  • stat point crystal
  • Recovery necklace
  • 4 other accessories that are NOT stat bonus

Level requirements Edit

  1. lvl 2222 Sphinx : 500
  2. lvl 710 Jousting Red Panda : 1
  3. lvl 2000 White Dragon Knight: 1
  4. lvl 5200 Oculus of Hatred: 1
  5. lvl 7630 exp grinding : 12 000
  6. lvl 8880 exp grinding : 18 000
  7. lvl 10 000 exp grinding : 21 000
  8. lvl 11 111 exp grinding : 22 000
  9. lvl 12 000 Thunder Goddess : 30 000
  10. lvl 12 400 Wind Goddess : 32 000
  11. lvl 13 333 exp grinding : 34 000
  12. lvl 13 111 Ice Goddess : 38 000
  13. lvl 13 666 exp grinding : 38 000
  14. lvl 10 840 Fire Goddess : 30 000
  15. lvl 18 400 exp grinding : 58 000
  16. lvl 19 300 exp grinding : 60 000
  17. lvl 20 000 exp grinding : 64 500
  18. lvl 20 000 Orochi : 107 000
  19. lvl 20 000 Purple Equilibrium : 73 000
  20. lvl 24 500 and 25 555 maze mobs : 90 000
  21. lvl 27 500 Red Eyed (dragon) : 114 000
  22. lvl 27 500 Green Eyed (dragon) : 135 000
  23. lvl 28 800 exp grinding : 115 000
  24. lvl 32 000 exp grinding : 145 000
  25. lvl 34 500 exp grinding : 155 000
  26. lvl 36 000 exp grinding : 170 000
  27. lvl 36 666 Black Equilibrium : 180 000
  28. lvl 37 777 Chaos grid hardest mobs : 178 000
  29. lvl 37 777 !? Tsukuyomi: 200 000
  30. lvl 41 111 mobs : 195 000
  31. lvl 41 111 HP crystal : 220 000
  32. lvl 41 111 Hero Crystal : 250 000
  33.  !!! Providence : 240 000
  34.  !!! mobs : 280 000 to 400 000
  35.  ! Lucifer: 275 000
  36.  ! mobs : 350 000 to 500 000
  37. lvl 50 000 Suzaku : 410 000

Raw effectiveness of the main accessories on the level requirements :

accessory effect on level required
stat point crystal -20% (already counted on the levels above)
stat point crystal+1 -33% (multiply the levels above by 0.83)
four gods gems -14 000 levels (-21 000 levels if we include agi and luck)
atk or def +5 gem - 8 000 levels
hp gem +5 - 7 200
hero gem - 5 200 (-14 000 with agi and luck)
god of war gem - 6 666 (-11 666 with agi and luck)
play gem +2 -7 (-19) for each game played

As told before, If you want more precise values than 25%/50%/25% brainless stats:

the optimal total points in atk/def/hp should have the following repartition :

total hp = 75% of total def

total atk = 275% of total def

You have to know that the effect on level required also depends of your stats repartition, you have to try to add gems in order to come as close as possible of the optimal total stats repartition.

If you follow the brainless method, with the following equip, you should add equally HP, atk and def. because else your stats will be unbalanced. If your stats are balanced the bonus is better than the raw effect on level required, if they are unbalanced (too much def, or not enough HP), then the bonus can become worse.