I've made Excel workbook that calculates many different things and I just wanted to share it with you.

Current features: Edit

  • calculate drop chance for every item
  • calculate player stats with any equipment - all basic stats, crit chance, crit damage, combo chance, gold multiplier, revival chance etc.
  • show enemy stats - HP, ATK, XP, Gold, Items, FEPV(it's used as DEF), encounter chance
  • calculate gold received from enemies and from daily gold bonus
  • calculate stage bonus chance
  • you can define equipment sets and quickly change between them
  • it makes plot that shows relation between yourATK and enemyDEF and another plot for yourDEF and enemyATK
  • it can calculate if it's better to increase AGI, LCK or ATK
  • it shows recommended minimal HP, ATK and DEF stats required to beat the enemy
  • there is also simple fight simulator that can more or less show you if you can beat enemy with your current stats. Additionally you can use simple VBA script that simulates the fight 100 times(or any other amount of times if you want) and shows you chance of winning.

Update 14th May 2017:Edit

Uploaded new version. File size reduced to ~6MB, added recommended %SP distribution, fixed some bugs with equipment sets. 
All formulas and values were ripped from game code(v.1.5.4) so if there is any conflict between information in my file and this wiki, you can pretty much assume that wiki is wrong.Edit

How to use it: Edit

The main rule is: you should only change cells that are light-yellow. All other cells are automatically updated when you change something.

First thing you should do is choose enemy from list in cell C3. Then update your stat values(D7-H7), amount of games you finished(A6), your player level and character level(I7 and I9), KP values of your character(J7-N7);

Additionally you should go to "EquipmentSets" sheet and choose your current equipment. Then, when you are back to Main sheet you can change "Current Set" in cell A8. So if it's "1" you will use first equipment set(column C), if it's "2" you will use second equipment set(column D) ets. "0" is a special value - it disables all equipment and character multipliers so you can check calculations on "raw values".

You can download it here: Edit


Mirror 2: Google Drive

Mirror 3: Zippyshare

Online version(kinda slow and not everything works as it should be): Google Docs

VirusTotal scan for safety(for previous version, don't be so paranoid):

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