+Encounter Ring-Encounter Ring1.17.30
2 Critical Ring3 Critical RingAGI Gem
AGI Gem+1AGI Gem+2AGI Gem+3
AGI Gem+4AGI Gem+5APSingnificance
ATK GemATK Gem +1ATK Gem +2
ATK Gem +3ATK Gem +4ATK Gem +5
ATK Gem +6A casual player's diaryAccessories
Activity FeedAegis/Holy ArmorArmors
BasicsBattle AxeBattle Point Ring
Battle Point Ring+1Battle Point Ring +1Battle Point Ring +2
Battle Point Ring +3Beginner to Hell Fast wayBonus
BossesBosses BPCalculations
Character Level and Player LevelCheatsCombo Rate Ring
Critical Damage RingCritical Hit and Combo RateCritical Hits
Critical Rate RingDEF GemDEF Gem+1
DEF Gem+2DEF Gem+3DEF Gem+4
DEF Gem+5DaggerDamage
Dark AxeDark SwordDeath Loot Exploit
Durandal/Cursed AxeEXP GemEXP Gem+1
EXP Gem+2EXP Gem+3EXP Gem+4
EnemiesEnemy Appearance RatesEnemy Extraction
Enemy List by AreaEquipmentExtraction:Notes
Fire SwordFirst Critical RingFour gods/Blue Sword
Four gods/GemFour gods/Gem+1Four gods/Yellow Armor
Game LevelGod of War GemGod of War Gem +1
Gold RewardGreen Light SwordGuides
Guides/LGBGuides/LLGHP Gem
HP Gem +1HP Gem +2HP Gem +3
HP Gem +4HP Gem +5HP Gem +6
Half Plate Armor +1Hard ModeHard mode Guide
Hero GemHero Gem+1Hero Gem+2
Hero Gem +1Hero Gem +2Infinity Armor
InflationDropChance CSharp TesterInflation Almanach - Excel sheet for everythingInflation RPG Wiki
Inst Encounter RingItem DropJeffguy0/ModelLimitations
Jeffguy0/efficiencyKuhkuri KnifeKuhkuri Knife+1
Kujang/Cursed SwordKujang/Cursed Sword +1LUC Gem
LUC Gem+1LUC Gem+2LUC Gem+3
LUC Gem+4LUC Gem+5Light Armor
Lvateinn/Cursed SwordLvateinn/Cursed Sword +1Mace
MapsMegin Gjord/Cursed ArmorMovement Gem
Movement Gem+1Movement Gem +1Mur/sandbox
My Point Allocation StrategyOptimal recovery necklace stat distributionPatch Notes
Play GemPlay Gem+1Play Gem+2
Player ValuesPoint ValueProof of the Hero
Rare GladiusRecover NecklaceRecover Small Necklace
Red Light SwordRefactor:MapsRefactor:Maps/1
Refactor:Maps/9Revival NecklaceRevival Necklace+1
Revival Necklace +1Rules:GuidesRules:Speculation
SaveSilver SwordStage Extraction
Stage Value ExtractionsStat Point CrystalStat Point Crystal+1
Stat Point Crystal +1Steel AxeUX's Battle Logs
Updated March 17, 2017Value CalculatorVersion 1.5.4
WeaponsWiki ContentXP
XP Grinding

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