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In this guide we will try to see what is the best way to distribute the stats between attack defense and health while using a recovery necklace (3.9% life steal). Luck and Agility stats will not be included because their randomness can cause unexpected death.

download here the Excel table that allows to make your own simulations.


First let's see what we already know :

When the recovery necklace is used, defense becomes weaker than attack for def values that are greater than 2.1*enemy atk (Eatk) :

  • Def points under 2.1*Eatk decrease dmg by 0.21 or more
  • Between 2.1 and 4 *Eatk each def point decreases dmg by 0.054.
  • For 1 atk point invested recovery necklace decreases dmg by +/- 0.034 [=0.039*(enemydef)], but atk also kills the enemy faster, which means less combat turns and in the end makes less damage taken

Also, weapons usually give more bonus% than amors, which means that atk stats are cheaper than def stats.

So we can get to the hypothetis that the optimal def is exactly 2.1*Enemy atk.

--> Less points mean too much damage taken, more points should mean wasted stats.

(some tests required here to be sure...)

for more explanations about damage calculations go here


Based on the fact that we know the boss atk and the best def to use, we can calculate the damage that the player will recieve on each turn :

  • average damage taken with optimal def +/-10% = (Eatk * 0.412) - (opti def * 0.05)

0.412 and 0.05 are constant values given by the code.

This damage can help us calculate the optimal damage in order to steal an amount of HP equal to the damage taken (or 100% Life steal build) :

  • Optimal dmg = average dmg taken / 0.039
  • 0.039 is the recovery necklace life steal value

Knowing this optimal damage, we can find the optimal attack value (0.8*dmg) but we can also start the optimal health calculations.


We now know the amount of damage dealt to the boss for 100% life stal.

For 100%life steal, the minimal health is equal to the dmg taken + 10%

And we can easily calculate the number of turns of the fight. So we can calculate the damage that we will recieve if we lower our atk by x% :

  • Damage recieved = number of turns * (x% * optimal damage) * 0.039

This allows us to find the minimal amount of health required to survive the battle for any atk value.

  • Health = damage recieved +1...


So now we know :

  • the optimal def value.
  • the optimal atk value in order to get 100% life steal.
  • the HP value required in order to survive the battle for any atk value.

What is still left to find is the stat repartition between HP and Atk : having 100% life steal may not be the best strategy :

atk makes the fight shorter, but the lenght of the fight has a limit, and the more you invest in atk, the slower you get close to this limit. At some point HP becomes more interesting than atk.

What made this calculation difficult is that a lot of values intervene in order to find the bonus of atk, def and HP given by 1 stat point. But i took all of them in count when i made the Excel table (items, weapons, armor bonuses, char and player levels, KP...)

who is the best character ? Edit

By using the table and having a few tests, we can make a classification of the characters based on the total amount of stats they require in order to defeat a boss :

  1. +2hp +1atk (this one has the lowest stats requirement for 99%win)
  2. +1hp +2atk (1.2% more stats needed)
  3. +2hp +1def (1.4%more stats needed)
  4. +1hp +2def and +1hp +1atk (4.4% more stats needed)
  5. +1hp+1def (6.1% more stats needed)
  6. +2atk (7.7% more stats needed)
  7. +2def (10.5% more stats needed)

the best fighting character is :

+2hp +1atk +1agi

(for pure fight, due to combo rate increase agility is slightly better than luck which only gives crit)

and the best luck character is :

+1hp +1atk +2luck

note that 93333 boss was used for this classification (high attack boss), if you do it with a low atk boss, +atk becomes slightly more interesting, and +def and+hp less interesting but +2hp+1atk still remains the best.


i found that depending of the boss atk and hp, and of your equipment and levels,

The ideal total value point repartition is the following : Edit

- def : 2.1*boss atk
- atk / hp point ratio : between 0.5 and 4 (depends of equip)

(means that if Health = 100, total attack must be between 200 and 400)

  • If your %armor + %weapon comes close to 200 this ratio has to be near 0.5 (very bad stuff)
  • if %armor + %weapon is near 400 the ratio has to be near 1.5 (bad stuff)
  • if %armor + %weapon is near 800 the ratio has to be near 2.5 (average)
  • if %armor + %weapon is near 1200 the ratio has to be near 4 (kickass stuff)

note that the ratio depends of the %bonus but also of the +bonus, with a lot of + bonus ratio has to be a bit higher. anyway, it is better to have the ratio a bit higher than a bit under the limit.

the ideal stat point repartition is the following : Edit

(be careful, i am talking about stats points, not total value!)

- atk : between 40% (if bad stuff) and 55 % (if kickass stuff)
- HP : between 25% (if bad stuff) and 35% (if good stuff)
- Def : between 20% (if good stuff) and 50% (if bad stuff)

I don't want to use my brain !!! Edit

so if you don't want to waste time and to wake up your grey cells, when you level up :

click one time on HALF Atk (50%)
then one time on HALF Def (25%)
and one time one ALL Health (25%)

this should provide a good repartition for a medium to good stuff. If you only have bad items (like under +200% bonus armor and weapon) you should alternate between 50% atk and 50% def for every level up.

For an optimal distribution i encourage you to use the table in order to have more precise values fitting your items and levels.

Fun build : 100% life steal Edit

Now that you know how to optimize the stat distribution and if you feel bored, i suggest a fun game :

Try to make a 100% life steal build with as low HP as possible. (ratio atk/hp around 30)

You will see your HP bar go crazy from almost nothing to 100% at every hit.

You may not go as far as with the optimal stat distribution, but the excruciating pain that will reflect in the bleeding eyes of your puppet raising from the tomb like an epileptic zombie will fill your heart with the most delectable saddistic thrill.

news Edit

News (version 1.1):

Now stats calculation is 100% operational and damage calculation seems fine. I think that i can remove the "speculation" banner

Be carefull : because of the random modificators, if you are just on the stat limit and if you are very unlucky (boss is always on max dmg and you are always on min) you may die, but the conclusions of the guide now seem to work. Need some more testing for extreme levels (beginner and over equipped) but i do not know why it would fail.

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