Player Values is a complex set of values which are based on what you equip and what you spend in your stats.

Base ValuesEdit

All values have a base value, which is just how many points you invest. Note that when you calculate points invested, it is the base value (Eg when you see 5855 [+8502], you're looking at the 5855).

Bonus Additive and Bonus Multiplicative ValuesEdit

This is calculated by adding all of the bonuses from items (including weapons and armor) together.

Bonus Player LevelEdit

BPL (Bonus Player Level) is figured out with this equation, which is a combination of the Player Level and Character Level:

  • (PlayerLv+CharacterLv) * 0.25 + 0.75

KP ValuesEdit

When you select a character, it comes with the following KP Values, which is used for further calculations:


Final Multiplicative Bonus CalculationsEdit

After figuring out the above information, you use these to calculate your Bonus for HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, and LUK:

  • Bonus%HP = Bonus%HP + KPhp * BPL * 0.06
  • Bonus%ATK = Bonus%ATK + KPatk * BPL * 0.07
  • Bonus%DEF = Bonus%DEF + KPdef * BPL * 0.07
  • Bonus%SPD = Bonus%SPD + KPspd * BPL * 0.075
  • Bonus%LUK = Bonus%LUK + KPluk * BPL * 0.08

This means that if you choose my favorite character (+1HP,+2ATK,+1SPD), with my current Level (10), you could get +19.5% HP, +45% ATK, +22.75% AGI.

Keep in mind that for the Bonus%..., you have to reduce by 1 the number you see.

For example, for Samurai Long Sword [11000 / 225%], the bonus value would be 125% (1.25).

Final Stat ValuesEdit

All of the stats are then figured out to make the Final Bonus Value (FBV) by the following calculation:

FBV = AdditiveBonus + (AdditiveBonus + BaseValue) * MultiplicativeBonus

This also means that the additive bonuses (from items only!) you're getting apply twice; once before the calculation of Multiplication, and then once afterwards. (Code: ehp, eatk, edef, espd, eluk)

Then you can calculate the Final Stat Value (FSV) with the following formula:

FSV = Base Stat + FBV

Speed/Luk WariaiEdit

Wariai is a special calculation which uses the stats previously to figure out for item drop calculations:

  • HPPower = FSVhp / 5
  • ATKPower = FSVatk / 3
  • DEFPower = FSVdef / 3
  • SPDPower = FSVspd / 2
  • LUKPower = FSVluk

Finally, you figure out SpeedWariai and LukWariai:

  • SpeedWariai = SPDPower / (HPPower + ATKPower + DEFPower + SPDPower + LUKPower)
  • LukWariai = LUKPower / (HPPower + ATKPower + DEFPower + SPDPower + LUKPower)

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