Point Value is the overall number for an enemy when it appears. It acts as a "Defense" for enemies.

Base Enemy StatsEdit

Enemies have the following stats:

  • HP: Total hit Points that the monster has.
  • ATK: Attack power that the monster has.
  • EXP: Base EXP that the monster provides.
  • Money: Base money that the monster can provide. 

Note that all enemy stats for Point Values are base stats. If they are modified in any way (for example, Enemy HP x0.5 Modifier), the base, unmodified HP is used. This is the same problem if you are currently wearing any items that would provide increasers, such as +EXP Items, and a Higher LUC Rating.

Base Enemy CalculationEdit

When calculating Point Value, it is calculated with the following equation:

  • EnemyHP / 15 + EnemyATK / 2 + EXP / 475000 + Money / 50

This will get you the Base Enemy Point Value (BEPV).

Stage ValueEdit

Every stage (map) has a stage value (SV). Earlier maps will have a lower stage value, while later maps will have a higher stage value. This is why a monster on one map, and a monster on another map, with a lower level will hit harder.

IN CODE: This is found in StageLvData[map - 1][lv][0]

This is applied to BEPV, granting you Enemy Stage Value (ESV).

  • (BEPV * 2 + SV * 3) / 5

Final ModifiersEdit

After the ESV, modifiers are added based on the items that are carried, and also on the ESV itself. Adding these to the modifiers, you will get Final Enemy Point Value (FEPV).

  • IF (ESV) >= 20000, * 1.05
  • IF (EnemyHasAtLeastOneItem), +5
  • IF (EnemyHasAtLeastTwoItems), +10
  • IF (EnemyHasThreeItems), +15
  • IF (EnemyHasAtLeastOneItem), * 1.05
  • IF (EnemyHasAtLeastTwoItems), * 1.075
  • IF (EnemyHasThreeItems), * 1.1

Example Point Values Edit

To get a general idea of ballpark numbers, here are the PVs for a couple enemies:

  • Jousting Red Panda: 1,311
  • Oculus of Hatred: 23,214
  • Purple Equilibrium: 89,255
  • Yamata no Orochi : 113,854

Stats Points - Accessories Edit

Here is a chart that shows how much each Accessory is giving in stat points.

Point values
As can be seen from the chart is that LUC gems give the most stats point value (out of HP, ATK, DEF, LUC gems). So a tip would be to use LUC gems if you need to use those stats.