When equipped, you will gain HP equal to 1.49% of how much damage you do. So, if you do 10000 damage, you will get 149 HP back. This does not stack with other Recover Small Necklaces and will not stack with Recover Necklace. In fact, if you equip both this item and Recover Necklace, only the Recover Small Necklace will be applied.

In-Game Description: Recover 1.5% of damage dealt when attacking

Item Block Edit

Category: 2, Id: 54

Normal Mode
Item2 54 Recover Small Necklace (Id: 54)
NoStack Recover 1.5% (Actual: 1.48%) of damage dealt when attacking

Cost Edit

1,700,000 Gold

Drops From Edit

Is not dropped from any monster.

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