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God Grid
Min: 37777
Max: 37777

God Grid Edit

Defeating the "God" teleports you to the Heaven Area. Defeating the Dark Tower in the ?! Bonus Area teleports you to the Crystal Area.


Ene57 ba Yaldabaoth (ene57_ba) -BOSS- (+3 BP)
HP: 8000000 (HM: 88000000) ATK: 122000 (HM: 1342000)
XP: 3000000000 (HM: 30000000000) Gold: 17777 (HM: 88885)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item2 38 Battle Point Ring+2 (3%) (Id: 38)
Stacks Battle Point increases by 5 when equipped
Item 2:
Normal Mode
Item2 53 Battle Point Ring+3 (2.5%) (Id: 53)
Stacks Battle Point increases by 7 when equipped
Center of the God Grid. Careful! Defeating this boss ports you to the Heaven Map, skipping the Crystal Map accessed by defeating the Dark Portal found in the "? !" Bonus area on the God Grid.


?! BonusEdit

Ene57 bb Tsukuyomi (ene57_bb)
HP: 7500000 (HM: 82500000) ATK: 130000 (HM: 1430000)
XP: 600000000 (HM: 6000000000) Gold: 17777 (HM: 88885)
Appears only in "? !" Bonus Area within God Grid. Use your "Area Bonus" here if you're having trouble finding it. Note: It's not actually a boss, but since defeating it will take you to the Crystal/Rainbow map, it's worth special mention.

Level 37777Edit

tekiseiLvBai: 400

Ene57 0a Name me! Name Template (ene57_0a)
HP: 5500000 (HM: 60500000) ATK: 125000 (HM: 1375000)
XP: 1483526448 (HM: 14835264480) Gold: 5000 (HM: 25000)
Ene57 0b Name me! Name Template (ene57_0b)
HP: 5400000 (HM: 59400000) ATK: 125000 (HM: 1375000)
XP: 1428581024 (HM: 14285810240) Gold: 5000 (HM: 25000)
Ene57 0c Name me! Name Template (ene57_0c)
HP: 5450000 (HM: 59950000) ATK: 125000 (HM: 1375000)
XP: 1456053736 (HM: 14560537360) Gold: 5000 (HM: 25000)
Ene57 0d Name me! Name Template (ene57_0d)
HP: 5500000 (HM: 60500000) ATK: 130000 (HM: 1430000)
XP: 1703308144 (HM: 17033081440) Gold: 5000 (HM: 25000)
Ene57 0e Name me! Name Template (ene57_0e)
HP: 5500000 (HM: 60500000) ATK: 128000 (HM: 1408000)
XP: 1593417296 (HM: 15934172960) Gold: 5000 (HM: 25000)
Ene57 0f Name me! Name Template (ene57_0f)
HP: 5500000 (HM: 60500000) ATK: 126000 (HM: 1386000)
XP: 1510999160 (HM: 15109991600) Gold: 5000 (HM: 25000)

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