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Hydra Pit Boss Area
16 Stagemap59png
Min: 20000
Max: 20000

Hydra Pit Boss Area Edit


Ene59 ba Yamata no Orochi (ene59_ba) -BOSS-
HP: 3000000 (HM: 33000000) ATK: 77000 (HM: 847000)
XP: 450000000 (HM: 4500000000) Gold: 30000 (HM: 150000)
Item 1:
Normal Mode
Item2 23 EXP Gem+3 (3.5%) (Id: 23)
Stacks EXP obtained increases by 50%
Item 2:
Normal Mode
Item2 52 EXP Gem+4 (2.5%) (Id: 52)
Stacks EXP obtained increases by 60%
South of Purple Equilibrium. Sneak around her and exit the map to the south. Then you'll find this boss on the map to the east.


Level 20000Edit

tekiseiLvBai: 320

Ene15 6a Gargoyle (ene15_6a)
HP: 2200000 (HM: 24200000) ATK: 51500 (HM: 566500)
XP: 404538393 (HM: 4045383930) Gold: 3000 (HM: 15000)
Ene15 6b Hydra (ene15_6b)
HP: 2100000 (HM: 23100000) ATK: 52000 (HM: 572000)
XP: 365389516 (HM: 3653895160) Gold: 5000 (HM: 25000)
Ene15 6c Smoke Monster (ene15_6c)
HP: 2100000 (HM: 23100000) ATK: 49500 (HM: 544500)
XP: 267517324 (HM: 2675173240) Gold: 3000 (HM: 15000)

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