OK GUYS, I will start the guide.

Things you will need:

  1. Use Andriod (You can be a root user or NOT)

  2. USB cable

  3. Download Helium APP (use the link below)
  4. Be sure you want to do this and to always keep a clean copy of the backup in your PC or somewhere else (In case your inflation gets corrupted)


Once you have already the Helium APP installed in your Phone or tablet or whatever you use and you can make copies the rest is pretty simple.

1----Go to the mob (go there with as much turns as possible) /boss (DO NOT KILL IT YET) /bonusmap (for example !!!x# turns or !x# turns or ???x#)

2----OK you are already there lets say for example that you want a Battle Point Ring +3 (Can drop it from the Black Mother) BEFORE killing the Boss, first you make a Backup of the game there.


3----You put on you Luk-set and then you kill the boss!

4----IF the boss does NOT drop the item you just go to Helium-Restore-do the step 3 again until you get whatever item you were looking for!. (you can do this to get into the white bonus or black bonus, or you can save once you are already INSIDE the bonus area.)

Screenshot 2016-02-29-11-01-44
And after that you get a notification that the restauration is done! so you can try again.

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