This is a Mid-To-Late Game guide on grinding XP in a simple yet effective way using several of the other guides' techniques. The trick is to make use of your XP gems and get to level 5 or 6 with your character. Below I will use some screenshots of my builds, as well as how far I can go on my current perfect run.

What also helps is the Game Over Run. As the last can be seen as a cheat, I don't really agree with it being a cheat. To me it's just cheap waste of time while waiting for appointments, clients, etc. Quick dying before I need to be busy again. (got to love working... :/ )

My sets.

Set 1: The Runner Set 2: The XP Grinder
Set 3: The Healing XP Grinder Set 4: The All-In
Set 5: The Extender

Set 1: The Runner

This is fairly straightforward and doesn't need any explanation since everyone is using this. The only difference is that I use a Play Gem +2 instead of a simple HP Gem. This has everything to do with being able to actually defeat an enemy faster if you accidentally get to find one before you can change to your XP Grinder set.

Set 2: The XP Grinder

This one is also fairly straight forward. The five most powerful XP gems you have, you equip. Plus a Play +1 or +2 gem. This also has everything to do with your ability to attack and defend yourself.

Set 3: The Healing XP Grinder

Same as the previous build, except this one has the Recover Necklace (4%) in it in case of a higher level. I usually start using this build in Heaven Map at level 67000.

Set 4: The All-In

This set is also fairly straight forward. Just equip your main Play gems, a Recover Necklace (4%) and the highest needed gem you need at that time (HP/ATK/DEF/AGI/LCK). My way of building this set has everything to do with balancing my character to the point where it can basically defeat any enemy with ease when the other sets prove not so effective (i.e.: you die when trying to kill a boss).

Set 5: The Extender

This is a fairly easy and understandable build and helps me to get to LVL 180,000 at times.


Spending Stat Points the Lazy Way:

Here's what I do, and it's not as direct as what others in their guides write.

Once you get to Character Level 6, map bonus of 11 and what not, you can afford not directly spending your Stat Points. In other words, I have turned off the After Battle option of the Stat Points being divided into the desired fields of attention. Instead I do them once every six or seven fights. Just throw them into HP, ATK or DEF.

In the end, the result will be the same either way: 800K in HP, 800K in ATK, 500K in DEF.

This makes me reach LVL 93,000 with ease and now I can grind for more XP until I hit that final White Dragon Boss.

---> I only attack, with the high stats, the White Dragon Boss when I see Combo & Crit or Enemy ATK x0,5 <---

The reason for this is because using my build, as ideal as it is for XP, it won't really get the final boss done. It's real hard to get to the 100K Map (the one after Heaven) to continue. The White Dragon is just too hard. Once in that final map, it's relatively easier to get your enemies killed and grind more and more.

Anyways, this was my Guide in a Nutshell. I tried making this as easy as I could. If there's anything you'd change, just let me know. :D

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